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Business services

Learn and work with APAC8 Trainers and Consultants, all with proven leadership experience within global leading companies. Workshops covers both “hard skills” and “soft skills”, sometimes fusing the both depending upon what delivers the best outcome for you and your business.

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Personal Dev

Discover how to breakthrough your limitations and achieve the goals that you set out to achieve. In addition, get certified in Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP) to the most well known board in the world by David Giang, the only MBA qualified trainer in the region with a background of achieving results.

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Attain new skills and reach greater heights


Fuse your learnings and discover your ability to change


Take the next step up both personally and professionally


Apply what you have learnt, and succeed


“To provide the highest quality of training, consulting, and business solutions, that produce long lasting results for our clients”

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“David is a very calm, gentle yet very firm coach. Through the techniques that I learnt from him (I chose “focus” at his workshop), I tripled my sales within a month! It’s like a miracle but it happened to me”. 
Rung-aroon Kamkerd, Network Marketer
“Over the course of two years, I have attended multiple workshops of David’s, and was also certified NLP practitioner by him. I personally think that he is the best in Asia at what he does but maybe that is just my biased opinion as his practical style appeals to me. In any case, I highly recommend David as a trainer and mentor and I’m very thankful to him for helping me to develop my business skills”
Alain Janovjak, President of Peng! Consulting, Asia and Europe
“David is a very effective trainer, able to take a vast topic such as personal development and apply it within a practical business context. I attended a few of his workshops (more than 5) and always leave learning a lot more than what I envisioned. I highly recommend David as a business trainer and am looking forward to his next workshop”.
Elodie Badoual, VP Marketing, Brand Now

Collaborative Partners

Let’s collaborate!

Whether you are business looking to improve the effectiveness of your team, or if you are an individual looking to find a way to grow and develop yourself, our team can help you to achieve the results that you are looking for. Contact us today, and discover the APAC8 difference.

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