Hypnosis Certification

Become a certified Hypnotherapist, approved to the largest board in the world

Hypnosis is scientifically proven to be very effective in the creating long lasting change in behaviors, such as weight loss, smoking, motivation, relaxation, self control, pain management. This course allows you to learn hypnotherapy from a certified Trainer and gives you practical hands on practice so that you can be comfortable in using what you have learnt outside of the classroom.

Upon successful completion, you would have met the criteria to be certified to the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

– Learn apply Hypnotic inductions to induce trance and change
– Stop addictive behaviours taking control of you, such as smoking, overeating, etc
– Increase your ability to relax and overcome stress
– Testing of suggestibility
– Learn and apply Post Hypnotic suggestions
– Use Hypnosis ethically and legally
– Learn by actual practice and not from multimedia

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