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The ultimate Practitioner program available in the field of NLP. Four internationally recognized certificates validated by the world’s leading NLP institution

Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP) is about using the power of the mind to create excellence in our everyday
lives. The techniques found in NLP have been proven to bring about excellent behaviour throughout the last 30 years, and it is growing in popularity every single day. Many of the successful people in the world today, including Presidents, CEO’s, Doctors, others, have been trained in NLP and its techniques. It is easy to learn, yet extremely powerful, and it will help you take a major step forward to achieve excellence in any area of your choosing. Not only that, you would be able to use these tecniques on others, and help them to make lasting and permanent improvements in their lives also.

Techniques of NLP can be used to bring forth major benefits in:

– All areas of Business, including Sales and anything involving communication
– Personal and Life coaching
– Coaching in areas of therapy
– Education, teaching and learning
– Personal growth and development, including boosting self esteem and confidence
– Lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, weight loss, removing procrastination

Upon successful completion, you will have met the criteria to be certified and recognized by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), the largest NLP institution in the world.

NLP is focused on achieving results for both yourself and your clients, by teaching you how to identify and use the language of the mind to achieve excellence both consciously, and unconsciously. As a certified NLP Practitioner and Coach, you will be able to help your clients and yourself to be the person that you want to be.

Some of the techniques you will be covering when you join this course:

The principles of successful goal achievement, used by all successful goal achievers 

–          Know the difference between successful and non successful goal achievement
–          Achieve all the goals that you set by following these principles
–          Apply these principles to all parts of your life to become a success in whatever you choose to do


Rapport, and how to use it to communicate directly to another person unconsciously, to dramatically improve your level of communication

– Learn how to unconsciously build rapport during the communication process
– Learn the non verbal cues and physiology to create an instant liking with those who you communicate with

We use our 5 senses (representational systems) to process internally, the information that we receive around us

– Visual (what we see), Auditory (what we hear), Olfactory (what we smell), Gustatory (what we taste), Kinesthetic (what we feel)

Learn how we use these representational systems to make sense of the world, and how it influences our response to the world around us. We receive millions of bits of information every minute, and we all process this differently. Know how we encode this information, and how we can use this to build rapport and increase our flexibility when dealing with others.

Know how to read a person’s eye patterns, and how to use this information to understand what is going on inside another person’s head


Submodalities are how we give meaning to our representational systems. Using this knowledge, you can make vast changes in your life and can get rid of unwanted behaviors, such as:
– Nail biting, reacting emotionally (such as when someone cuts into your lane when driving)
– Liking something, but wanting to dislike it (such as not wanting to like chocolate)
– Get rid of phobias (unnecessary fear of heights, spiders, etc)
– And many others!

Language patterns

The words that we use give a representation of ourselves and reflects our characteristics

– Use “chunking down” to get into detail about a person’s speech to help them to solve problems
– Use “chunking up” to negotiate better (extremely useful in Sales, asking for a pay rise)
– Use 3 simple questions to reveal information about a specific subject and solve the presenting problem
– Recognize a person’s personality through the words that they use – Using language to get agreement and induce trance
– Overcome objections and challenges easily and with elegance
– Change somebody’s mind and the way they perceive issues
– Use language patterns to build rapport easily

– Know how to instantaneously get into any emotional state that you want to (including becoming motivated)
– Creation of specific “triggers” to induce a positive response
– Remove procrastination permanently
– Free yourself from being affected emotionally by an external trigger (such as when you see somebody who you have a fear of)


In NLP, strategies are what we run internally for everything we do. For example, when we make a decision to buy something, we run a process called a strategy, which dictates how we end up to buy that item.

– Learn how to elicit such strategies within any context, including how to convince somebody to buy your product
– Learn how to change strategies (for example, alter your buying strategy to avoid buying things compulsively)
– Achieve success by adopting a successful strategy to help you to achieve your desired outcomes
– Know how to increase your ability to sell by presenting the selling proposal based upon how the client sees the world
– Discover a person’s attraction and deep love strategies

Overcome incongruency (conflicts occurring internally)

– Overcome “I cannot decide if I should do this or do this”
– Allow yourself to be congruent with all decisions
– Fosters a big move towards action oriented outcomes


Use the techniques learnt in NLP to provide on-going coaching and consulting to others 

– Help your client get results through the use of NLP techniques
– Learn how to be a successful coach in the fields of Business, Education, and Therapy
– Know how to utilize the most powerful set of coaching techniques to improve productivity and learning

Modern Hypnosis Certification 

Become a certified Hypnotherapist, approved to the largest board in the world (ABH)

Hypnosis is not a mysterious set of techniques, rather, it is scientifically proven to be very effective in the creating long lasting change in behaviors, such as weight loss, smoking, motivation, relaxation, self control, pain management. This course allows you to learn hypnotherapy from a certified Trainer and gives you practical hands on practice so that you can be comfortable in using what you have learnt outside of the classroom.

Upon successful completion, you would have met the criteria to be certified to the American Board of Hypnotherapy.


– Learn apply Hypnotic inductions to induce trance and change

– Stop addictive behaviours taking control of you, such as smoking, overeating, etc
– Increase your ability to relax and overcome stress
– Testing of suggestibility
– Learn and apply Post Hypnotic suggestions
– Use Hypnosis ethically and legally
– Learn by actual practice and not from multimedia

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification

This powerful set of techniques can enable to clear up issues which were holding you back unconsciously, whilst also giving you the ability to create a compelling future.

Upon successful completion, you will have met the criteria to be certified and recognized by the Time Line Therapy® Association.


– Know how to elicit yours and the client’s time line, to know where your past is stored and where your future is stored
– Get rid of negative emotions, such as fear, guilt, anger, which is holding you back from living the life that you want to
– Remove limiting decisions, such as “I am not good enough, not confident enough”, etc, to allow you to move forward
– Changing the time line to program yourself not to be late!
– Create SMART Goals to make your goals come true
– Learn how to visualize your future, so it will be exciting, motivating, and enriching
– Insert a goal in your future time line, and align with it on a quantum level

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