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NLP Practitioner certification workshop – 4 days

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

This Master Practitioner course builds upon all the learnings from the Practitioner level, and upon completion would give you worldwide recognized certification, officially approved and recognized by the American Board of Neuro Lingustic Programming (ABNLP), and would also be formally endorsed to attend the NLP Trainer’s training program in Sydney and USA (ABNLP).

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NLP is focused on achieving results for both yourself and your clients, by teaching you how to identify and use the language of the mind to achieve excellence both consciously, and unconsciously. The Master Practitioner Certification brings your skills up to an advanced level.

Some of the techniques you will be covering when you join this course:

Quantum Linguistics

– The advanced language patterns of NLP
– Using embedded commands, inductive and deductive language, and pre-suppositions to help solve problems through verbal communication
– Know the advanced language models of NLP and use linguistics to achieve congruency
– Learning the use of Prime Concerns language model, to change the client’s view of the world and discover unconscious sources of dissatisfaction
– Learn how to create effective metaphors and stories, to help communicate to clients easily and effortlessly
– 16 counters regarding any kind of objection (sleight of mouth)
– Advanced negotiation model to ensure a win/win situation for multiple parties

Quantum outcomes

– Use of Quantum thinking, in line with Quantum physics to combine with NLP techniques for profound change
– A new way of thinking which defies traditional thinking in terms of how the world operates
– How to use Quantum physics principles to achieve defined outputs in your clients
– Learn the principles of the holographic universe, and know why healing occurs instantaneously in many situations


– Discover your motivations through identifying what is really important to you on both a conscious and an unconscious level
– Ethics and personal drive
– Elicit your prime areas of importance in the major aspects of your lives and identify those that do not serve you
– Identify and remove conflicts on an unconscious level, which has been holding you back from achieving what you want to achieve (for example, “I want more money but don’t want to give up my personal time)
– Re-aligning values to support your desired future direction in life
– Use values and drivers in Business, Education, Therapy, and others

Meta Programs – the powerful inner filters

– Discover how these filters lead to motivations and fulfillment criteria
– Learn how to use meta programs to identify people who best fit a particular role (very useful in Business)
– Elicitation of Meta Programs indirectly outside of the clients’ awareness

Advanced submodalities

– Use neurological drivers to impact towards permanent change
– Design custom “swish” patterns to meet your clients’ needs

Advanced strategies

– Know how to install strategies formally and informally (using “Logical Levels of Therapy” model)
– Advanced strategy elicitation in detailed business settings (such as in sales and decision making)

Modeling excellence

– Learn how to model excellence and install those characteristics in yourself
– Creating training programs to teach and install models of excellence

NLP presentation effectiveness and training design

– Know how to present effectively that allows you to communicate your message across a multitude of different people and personalities
– Preparing you for your next step if you choose to do so – NLP Trainer’s Training (Australia or the US)

Plus a lot more!

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