NLP Practitioner certification workshop 

Next workshop: March (exact dates TBA)

Fee: 38,000 Baht

Includes: ABNLP manual, fully licensed ABNLP audio program, lunch and breaks

Learn the skills to become a globally certified NLP Practitioner (ABNLP), by an institution recognized for quality in the APAC region.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a broad set of techniques based around using the power of the mind to create excellence in our everyday lives. Everyone processes reality differently, and if we understand how a particular role model processes their reality, we can model that and create similar levels of success. On a similar note, we can also use these tools to communicate to others based upon similar dynamics, enabling a skilled NLP Practitioner to gain a significant edge in their business and personal lives.

The techniques found in NLP have been proven to bring about excellent behavior throughout the last 30 years, and it is growing in popularity every single day. Many of the successful people in the world today, including Presidents, CEO’s, Doctors, others, have been trained in NLP and its techniques. It is easy to learn, yet extremely powerful, and it will help trained Practitioners take major steps forward to achieve excellence in their field of choice, as well as achieve personal growth. Not only that, certified Practitioners would be able to use these techniques on others, and also help them to make lasting and permanent improvements in their lives.

Techniques of NLP can be used to bring forth major benefits in:

  • All areas of Business, including Sales and anything involving communication
  • Personal and Life coaching
  • Coaching in areas of therapy
  • Education, teaching and learning
  • Personal growth and development, including boosting self esteem and confidence
  • Lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, weight loss, removing procrastination

Upon completion, graduates will have met the requirements to be certified to the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP).

 About NLP

NLP is focused on achieving results for both yourself and your clients, by teaching you how to identify and use the language of the mind to achieve excellence both consciously, and unconsciously. As a certified NLP Practitioner, you will be able to help your clients and yourself to be the person that you want to be.

Some of the techniques you will be covering when you join this course:

  • The principles of successful goal achievement, used by all successful goal achievers
  • Unconscious rapport, and how to use it to communicate directly to another person to dramatically improve your level of communication
  • Representational systems, understand how to process the information that we receive around us, and how to use to read what is going on inside another person’s head
  • Language patterns – how to use verbal language to communicate effectively to create change in both yourself and the other person
  • Anchoring – get into a powerful state quickly and use these techniques to eliminate negative feelings
  • Strategies, and understanding how to apply mechanisms to influence decision making based upon a person’s natural decision making tendencies
  • Overcome internal conflicts, such as “I want to start a business but I am not sure if I should quit my job”
  • Use the techniques learnt in NLP to provide on-going coaching and consulting to others. NLP is one of the most powerful tools available in the field of human behavior, and as a certified Practitioner, you can use these techniques to help create amazing change in others

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