Time Line Therapy Certification

Trained and professionally certified by Tad James, the actual founder of Time Line Therapy®, David will teach you a powerful set of techniques which will enable to clear up issues which were holding you back unconsciously, whilst also giving you the ability to create a compelling future. Many people feel held back from achieving what they want to achieve, and have been holding onto negative emotions which they had not let go of. Upon completion of the training program, certified Practitioners will be able to, not only help others remove their previous emotional baggage, but also be able to release their own and plant a goal into their own future and align with it on a quantum level.

David awarding Paul Marks

Where is it useful?

Many people feel as though they have an ability to let go of certain negative emotions or limiting beliefs, and they carry it forward with them during their daily interactions. This restricts them from being happy and limits them from achieving their goals and from realizing their potential, and can also lead to feelings of undue stress, depression, anxiety, or phobias, and even manifestation of physical issues (since the body and mind is connected). Removing these negative feelings and truly help a person take huge steps forward, and can have a profoud effective from both a personal and business basis. This workshop also trains you how to set goals that work, which you can use for yourself, your future clients within a coaching environment, or in your career. That is the basis of a Time Line Therapy®, getting rid of the negative things in the past and creating a future that is compelling, motivating, and positive.

You will learn how to

  • Elicit your “time line” and understand how you store time in both a past and future context.
  • Get rid of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt.
  • Remove decisions which are currently limiting you from achieving your potential, such as “I am not good enough, not confident enough, not smart enough etc”.
  • Remove feelings of anxiety, which restricts you from doing something in the near future that you need to do.
  • Create goals which are effective, exciting, most importantly, in a way in which they actually can come true.

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